Semi Metallic Brake Pads

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These super quiet, heat resistant bike brake pads are a direct replacement for Surron, Segway, or Talaria OEM pads. When you hit the brakes, it should be effortless and quiet. If it isn't, then it is time to change your old worn out pads for a set of high quality brake pads.

These heavy duty brake pads come with a set of high quality springs. You will be able to install your new disc brake pads with little to no effort. It is worth noting that these bike pads are the same fit as the Shimano H03C, so you can be certain they will fit your e-bike.

  • Includes 2 Front Pads - 2 Rear Pads
  • High Braking Power
  • Steel Backing Plate
  • Semi-Metallic Pads
  • OEM Fit
  • 2 Sets Of High Quality Springs