Desert Bohemian VEGAS

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Vegas is a desert town that every fat tire bohemian should visit, following in a long tradition of movie stars and wandering souls like you. And it happens to be surrounded by great places to ride! This decal set features vibrant black, red, and green (gaming table colors) and a flaming heart bike-chain mandala sticker! Hunka burnin love!

Our Custom73 Decals are printed on high quality outdoor grade vinyl, come cut to shape, and are either matte or gloss laminated.  Laminate adds durability (scratch protection); as well as UV protection; which extends the life of the sticker (Average outdoor lifespan is about 4-5 years in all weather conditions). Our stickers are water proof, weatherproof and can even be run through your dishwasher (top rack air dry)! 

These products can be used in just about every weather condition in the deserts and tundras, on boats, ships, motorcycles, and airplanes and still hold on. :)