About Us

Ebike Custom Culture: Super73 mods and custom builds and Moto Electric Racing! 

We love electric bikes and love helping people mold them into their own customized electric bike wonders. We've been riding Super73 bikes since they were called Pineapple Bikes and modding and customizing the heck out of these and other electric bikes for years. "We" are a collective of ebike, motorbike, and regular bike riders, artists, welders, wrenchers and campfire friends in the Pacific Northwest and Desert Southwest with friends and contributors from both coasts and all over the world. Making original Super73 Decals was our original specialty and we used the name "Custom73". Our decals have been sold all over the world.

Change is Good!  In part because we offer cool stuff that works for many kinds of bikes, e-bikes and motorbikes, and in part because Super73 sued us for using the number "73", we changed our name to "Custom-Ebikes" in 2021. We've added a lot of new Super 73 parts and accessories and gear, a lot of it made by our friends who are small-batch Makers. 

Things we are super stoked about: moto electric racing from e-bikes to electric motorbikes, tricked out customized e-bikes, dogs (but not anywhere near the paint room!) and seeing pics of your bikes! 

Super73 decals by Custom73 now "Custom-Ebike" on Vashon Island, Washington